WHAT! I Have to TOUCH that?

Let's just take a step back a moment shall we. Once upon a time we were all happy asking a person over a counter for our burger and fries. We were happy to ask an Airline check-in person for our tickets - We used our voice and it was personal and they did all the key pressing and button pushing on their personal work devices. Then slowly but surely in crept the TOUCH SCREEN ... SELF SERVICE KIOSKS ... that do not understand us when we talk to them ... which only happens when they do not work and then that is more of an insult rather than a dialogue.

Touchscreens, by the way, have been around since the mid 1990s. Then the world was turned upside down in 2020 ... where even a fist-bump is a hazard to our health!

VOICE did someone mention VOICE? We all carry telephones, we all have access to Voice Assistants and we are starting to realise that there is already a TOUCHLESS technology already in our hands - no puns intended. So let's just adapt and get on with life. We have the means, the technology and the time to reassess and re-address how we will interact as humans and Man-Machine-Interfaces have already adapted.

Think of VOICE as one of part of the digital arsenal and introduce it into all the Go To Market strategies from here on in. We can help ideate and create great skills for all business verticals. Contact us at www.voiceskillsinc.com

photo: Ella Pellegrini - Unsplash.

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