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"Have a mobile app?" VoiceSkillsInc is adding voice to increase sales for major brands by adding a voice option to their iOS and Android mobile apps. The VSI team makes searching inside an app quick and easy. No typing just ask a question and voice navigate through the App! Example: Got Voice? Sonic has a VOICE! Have cravings for a burger? Ask SONIC what’s new on the menu, and ask for the nearest location to open the map. Alexa will open the SONIC app to a map of nearby locations and much more! “SONIC is always on the lookout for new ways that technology can help us serve our millions of devoted fans better, and new deep linking capability was a natural fit for our mobile strategy. Hungry guests make choices quickly. By making it as easy as asking Alexa to find nearby SONIC locations and discover new menu items in our app, we can take friction out of the process” said Kim Davis, VP of Digital Strategies at SONIC Corp. Voice for apps is easy to implement with any app that can be opened with deep links, and is already being added to experiences for TikTok, Yellow Pages, Uber, Sonic, Zynga, Volley, and others. Request a demo to start building your VSI voice to app experiences today. sales@voiceskillsinc.com #VoiceSkillsInc #Voice #Alexa #Google #Amazon #Brand #Marketing #Fastfood #Mobileapp #Voiceassistant #AI

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