Santa Gets People Using Alexa

As the Alexa voice revolution grows there are a lot of Apps that seem rather ordinary, silly, a-waste-of-time! The question is: Does a multi-billion-dollar, ultra-high-tech, cloud-based NEURAL TTS technology that has 100,000,000 devices deployed need the Apps community to create Alexa Skills that make farting noises? Do we really need an App that gives you ambient sounds like 'Sounds of the Ocean?' Doesn't that seem rather banal, a lack of vision and a huge waste of money? Well as we all know; with new-tech you gotta start somewhere, haven't you?

The reality of using voice is that it is nuanced. It is complex. It is multi-national and multi-cultural. It is sometimes hard to be understood by your fellow human being, let alone a computer. So we have to start with the basics and learn.

One way to introduce Alexa to the family, at this festive time of the year, are simple Apps that are relevant to the moment. Voice Skills Inc launched Dear Santa in 2018 and it is now becoming known within the USA - Amazon is not the best at marketing these more intelligent apps in their newsletter. In the same vein, there is a UK Amazon Skills store App simply called, Santa by Hugo.FM - Well done Hugo! - Keeps those skills going! The effect of this style of interaction is that it is bringing Alexa to the masses in a fun way and with a higher purpose. The enabler of the skill gets to know from the Dear Santa app what the user of the skill wants for xmas. In our team's households ( we are having fun and getting a rather extensive, expensive bunch of Xmas lists that include, 'Winning Lottery Tickets' - Ho! Ho Ho!

The point is that we need to take Alexa and the interaction with Alexa beyond the simple, and on to the next level. We need to use this amazing technology for serious business. We need to treat Alexa like a 'Digital Personal Assistant' and make her earn her stripes. Less farting and more grown up use cases will be where the real benefit of Alexa and worthy of the investment everyone is making. You might think Alexa farting is fun but we say 'HUMBUG.' "Alexa open 'Delete all Farting Apps'" - Now that would be a great Xmas present ... Alexa, "Open Dear Santa."

The Team @VoiceSkillsInc Sales


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